Typical Air Conditioner Problems You Need to Know

There are a number of problems that your air conditioner may experience during its lifetime. The sooner that you can recognize these common problems, the sooner that you can get an HVAC technician to come out to inspect and repair your system to avoid more costly issues. Below, we’ve put together a list of the most common air conditioner problems that you may experience. Understanding what they are and knowing what the signs are will enable you to take quick action to prevent further damage.

Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioner Problem 1: Damaged Compressor Fan

The compressor, fan, and condenser coils are located on the outside unit of your air conditioner. Their job is to capture heat from the air and carry it out of your home, leaving an interior with less heat. If the outdoor fan is not working correctly, these components cannot perform their function.

A broken compressor fan can also cause the system’s compressor to overheat. This overheating can damage the compressor, leading to additional repairs. We can diagnose the issue that’s preventing the outdoor fan from working correctly and we can repair or replace it if necessary.

Air Conditioner Problem 2: Frozen Condenser Coil

A frozen coil can indicate an issue with the airflow of your air conditioner. For instance, there might be obstructed return air ductwork or dirty air filters. Low refrigerant levels can also cause this problem. Your unit will not be able to function correctly if the condenser coils are frozen. Fortunately, our technicians can quickly figure out the cause of this problem, resolve it, safely thaw the condenser coils, and restore your air conditioner’s function.

Air Conditioner Problem 3: Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant (a variant of a hydrofluorocarbon) is the chemical that cools the hot air within your air conditioner, which would be much colder when vented back out. An air conditioning system is charged with refrigerant upon installation because the system requires a proper amount of it to work. If an air conditioner needs to be recharged with it, this may indicate a refrigerant leak. Our technicians are qualified to locate and repair refrigerant leaks and recharge the system as needed.

Air Conditioner Problem 4: Drainage Issues

The cooling process of your air conditioner produces condensation. Under normal operation, this condensation flows away from the equipment and causes no problems. However, if outdoor humidity levels are high or if there is a clog in the condensate drain lines or drip pan, moisture may back up into your air conditioning system. This can hinder your system’s performance, damage your air conditioner components, and increase indoor humidity levels. We will inspect your system’s drip pan and condensate lines, clear the clogs and repair the equipment if necessary.

J and M Air Conditioning and Heating can help you with any kind of air conditioning repair issue. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and our HVAC technicians are all trained and certified. We are also a Carrier® Factory Authorized dealer with an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. We were also awarded the 2014 Russell Sigler Award, proving our commitment to quality installation and superior customer service.

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