The Importance of AC Coils and Valves

The AC coils and valves in an HVAC system, particularly an air conditioner, matter a lot. Each one contributes to the total efficiency of the cooling system. Here are among the most important parts of an AC unit: the coils and valves.

The Inner Workings of a Room Air Conditioner

Air conditioners operate and have the same basic components as your home refrigerator. Refrigerators transfer heat from their cool interior to the warm areas of your home. Likewise, an air conditioner transfers heat from inside your home to the outside. Here’s a look at the different components that make up an air conditioning unit and how it works to keep you cool.

The Best Temperature for Your Bedroom

A 2015 study done by researchers at the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that most environments like a home or an office follow a “thermal comfort model that was developed in the 1960s.” This was based on the “metabolic rate of an average 40-year old man, weighing 155 pounds.” In more modern times, this model clearly no longer fits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an excellent way to save on your energy bills. However, while there are plenty of advantages to using this system compared to gas furnaces or other air conditioning units, it has its limits. In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of using heat pumps and how it can provide your home with adequate heating. Read more

Factors That Affect Energy Efficiency at Home

A high energy efficiency rating is one of the foremost concerns of every homeowner. It’s this factor that often determines the choices they make when purchasing home components, which includes electronics and appliances. Above all else, a properly maintained air conditioning system can help you achieve a high level of energy efficiency at home.