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Why Pre-Summer HVAC Maintenance is Important

We all need our ACs in the summer more than ever. Regular maintenance is something that we should all be doing, not just so that it is summer ready, but just because it is what’s good for your system. Pre-summer HVAC maintenance will prevent us from making expensive repair and maintenance mistakes. As a benefit, your HVAC system will work more efficiently during the hot days of summer.

The importance of pre-summer HVAC maintenance

Dirty coils can lead to system failure

There could be debris and other types of obstructions from outdoor coils. The purpose of outdoor coils is used to transfer heat. It is through dirty outdoor coils that can make your AC get all worked up and end up tripping your breaker. These “minor” obstructions, may not be so minor after all. Dirt can actually make your system less efficient. What you can do is wash off all of debris in the coils using a garden hose. You can also use a refrigerator coil brush to clean the coils. You can do this from the outside of your unit. Just make sure to be careful and not bend the fins or destroy the coils in the process.

Filters keep your system running efficiently

Changing your air filter regularly can make a huge difference. These can get clogged with all sorts of dirt and debris. When this happens, your system will work harder than it should. This could be the source of your rising energy bills.

Your condenser may no longer be effective

It is important to note that condensed water has to flow to the drain. Do you know what clogged drains can do? They can make water overflow inside your house. You can find the drain on the air handler that is indoors. It would also be good to check if the line is not broken. This could be a possibility especially if your system went through a rough winter season.

Vents can become dirty and hinder performance and IAQ

This is just a simple thing that you can check for yourself. The vents and the air grills need to be free from any dirt or all sorts of debris. The pressure in your AC will increase if the vents are closed. Duct leaks could happen. Some parts could break if your AC works harder that it should. Just do a thorough visibility check and try to get the obvious debris out of the way.

Bottom line is, it may seem like a simple thing to do, but when it comes to your home’s comfort and finances, an ineffective HVAC system can be a costly repair. Contact the Palm Springs HVAC experts at J&M Air Conditioning & Heating for quality, lasting A/C repair and maintenance.

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