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Right Size A/C for Your Home

How Do I Know If My A/C is the Right Size for My Home?

Understanding HVAC systems can be complicated, especially when it comes to determining the right size air conditioner–or cooling system–for your home. Your living space is unique to you and your family; therefore, you will have to consider a variety of factors when deciding whether your A/C is properly sized for your home. Below we have

hvac maintenance

Why Pre-Summer HVAC Maintenance is Important

We all need our ACs in the summer more than ever. Regular maintenance is something that we should all be doing, not just so that it is summer ready, but just because it is what’s good for your system. Pre-summer HVAC maintenance will prevent us from making expensive repair and maintenance mistakes. As a benefit,

air condtioner repair

How to Cool Down in the San Jacinto Summer Sun

We’ve been serving the San Jacinto area since 1967, so we know it can get hot when summertime hits. We’ve been providing residential and commercial customers alike with quality service and have accumulated some great advice for homeowners. We’ve listed a few fun events you won’t want to miss in San Jacinto this summer, as

Energy star appliances

Do You REALLY Need to Buy Energy Efficient Appliances?

Unfortunately, appliances don’t last forever. When the time comes for you to replace your home appliances, you may be wondering if energy efficient appliances are the way to go. Though energy-saving appliances may require more of an up-front investment, they often pay for themselves over time when it comes to monthly home energy savings. Read

Get Your Home Summer Ready

Get Your Home Ready for Summer with These Affordable DIY Home Improvement Tricks

Summertime is on its way, and that means more time spent outdoors and more time lounging around at home in the summer heat. Why not make both the interior and exterior of your home more enjoyable this upcoming summer season? Check out these home improvement projects that will get your home ready for the upcoming

Energy Efficient Home

Is Your Home Wasting Energy? How to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Most homeowners are concerned about how much energy is used in a typical year, because the energy use is directly related to your household energy bill. If you suspect that your home is wasting energy, you’ll probably want to check out this handy guide to help you figure out how to save on home energy

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting: LED versus CFL versus Incandescent

These days, there are countless choices for indoor lighting at home. Which do you choose? And why? You probably have heard of at least a few of the lightbulbs now available that are touted to be better for the environment, but it’s important to understand exactly how they compare to traditional incandescent lightbulbs. Consider this


Top Myths About Energy Efficiency: Busted

One of the best ways to save on monthly home bills is to find ways to become more energy efficient. Many homeowners assume that you have to completely change your lifestyle to conserve enough energy to make a difference in their monthly bill. But the truth is that there are many simple steps that you


5 Things Homeowners Should Know About HVAC Energy Usage

How well do you know your home’s HVAC system? If you don’t know much, you’re not alone. Get informed about your home’s HVAC energy usage starting today. With the right knowledge, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently and provide you and your loved ones with optimized home comfort. Not to mention, understanding your HVAC


Home Energy Audits: How to DIY

Though a professional energy audit is the best way to determine how much energy your home is using (and wasting), San Jacinto homeowners can still conduct their own audit to find any problem areas and make the appropriate repairs. Below, we’ve laid out a simple checklist of steps to take to conduct your own DIY