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Heat Pumps

Can My Heat Pump Keep Up When It’s Over 110 degrees Outside?

This year’s summer has boasted some of the highest temperatures on record. As we transition into fall and children return to school, the mercury continues to rise. Meteorologists predict that we will continue to break record temperatures throughout September. In the scorching heat, homeowners are confronted with a “burning” question: Can my heat pump keep

Why Fall is Just More Fun in San Jacinto

  We might be a little biased, but we love San Jacinto, and we think that fall is just better in the valley. Whether you have lived here your whole life or you are brand new to the area, it’s easy to see why fall is more fun here. Below, we’ve put together a list

Don’t Succumb to the Threat of Mold: Prevent It!

  Most homeowners will cringe at the mention of mold in their home. Mold and mildew are fungi that can grow anywhere there is moisture. Though mold is necessary for breaking down organic materials outside, it can cause serious health issues when you or your family are living with mold in your home. Not only

How UV Lights Battle Contagions and Infections in Hospitals & Your Home

People who pay attention to the news have probably heard about the increasing number of medicine-resistant strains of diseases that are developing. Doctors and medical researchers are constantly trying to find ways to slow or stop the development and spread of such disease strains. One thing hospitals are beginning to use to stop the spread

A Basic Guide To Heat Pump Shopping

Clients who want to save money on installation costs, repairs, and maintenance often choose a heat pump system for their household temperature control needs. The experts at J&M Air Conditioning & Heating are always happy to evaluate each home, determining whether these systems are right for you—and if so, which one. Determine Which Heat Pump

Air Conditioner Fun Facts

One degree can save you so much money! So many people will have their system completely fail before the summer is over. Call us now and we’ll send one of our highly qualified techs to your house to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

4th of July - JMAirnHeat

Fourth of July Events Around San Jacinto

When you live in California, there’s never a shortage of things to do. We’ve put together a list of things to do around town and nearby to help you decide what to do this 4th of July. No matter what you want to do, you’re bound to find something on this list. Big Bear 4th

Energy Savings HVAC Tips

Why You Shouldn’t Close Vents in Unused Rooms

One common misconception that homeowners have is that closing vents in unused rooms will save money. Not only is that totally incorrect, it can actually cause damage to your HVAC system. Close the Vents, Open Your Wallet The belief that closing the vents will save you money by making the air conditioner or heater work

Jmairnheat HVAC service San Jacinto, CA

Average Heating Costs of Gas, Oil, & Electricity

Most heating methods in the US fall into one of three energy sources: gas, oil, and electricity. Each of these methods are capable of providing reliable heat for a home but each have their own costs, which can vary greatly. Calculating Heating Costs In order to provide helpful figures for these three methods the number

Jmairnheat Humidifiers San Jacinto, CA

Humidifiers Can Help Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Humidifiers are electrically powered devices that increase humidity in the air. Humidity is airborne water vapor, which can aid in alleviating certain allergies like allergic rhinitis. Dry air can increase allergy symptoms, and humidifiers can make the air more breathable. How Humidifiers Work To use a humidifier, you’ll pour water into a container that sits