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Indoor Air Quality Pets Home

4 Ways to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality When You Have Pets at Home

Are you a pet lover? If so, then you probably share your home with a few furry friends. Pets offer love and companionship, but they also carry with them dander, pet hair, and other airborne pollutants. All of this can start to impact your indoor air quality (IAQ), and may even make it difficult for

Save Money Annual HVAC Maintenance

How to Save Money with Annual HVAC Maintenance

At J&M Air Conditioning and Heating, we often get asked the question – do I really need to service my HVAC system if there’s nothing wrong with it? The short answer is – yes. Annual HVAC maintenance plays an important role in helping keep your heating and air conditioning equipment running smoothly and efficiently throughout


Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Many homeowners ask us, what’s so great about EnergyStar? You may have heard all the hype about EnergyStar Appliances, but do you know why they are such a great investment? Read on to learn all the benefits (besides energy savings!) of investing in these high tech, environmentally friendly appliances. Why You Should Invest in Energy

Fall Celebrate San Jacinto

3 Ways to Celebrate Fall in San Jacinto

Now that fall is here, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather in San Jacinto! And we’ve got just the events for you. Read on to find out about some fun and affordable family-friendly events in the San Jacinto area this fall. San Jacinto Valley Certified Farmers Market When: Every Thursday from 8 a.m. to

Toss Items for Healthier Home

Toss These Items for a Healthier Home

When you think about creating a healthier home for you and your family, your mind might immediately go to all the things that you need to buy such as ingredients for healthier recipes or fitness equipment. However, creating a healthier home doesn’t just involve adding things to your lifestyle. It also requires you to get

Benefits Ductless Split System

Why You Should Consider a Ductless Split System for Your Home

While many people are familiar with central air and heating, a ductless split system may be a new concept to many. Ductless systems work in a way similar to window units, where they directly cool an isolated area; yet, these systems have one unit that is installed within the home itself (generally close to the


What Can Indoor Air Quality Testing Do for You?

Are you curious about the quality of your home’s indoor air? Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing is an excellent way to assess the quality of the air that you and your loved ones are breathing at home. Many people are unaware that a good deal of airborne pollutants could be affecting the quality of the

Indoor Air Quality

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Worse Than Outdoor Air Quality?

What is Indoor Air Quality? Simply put, indoor air quality, or IAQ, is the quality of air you find within indoor spaces, such as homes, schools, and places of work. It’s important to understand the quality of your home’s air since it will directly impact the health of people living within the space. The EPA

Window AC in the Rain

Is It Safe to Use a Window Air Conditioner During the Rain?

A window unit air conditioner is commonly used within homes to cool a small space. This type of system has a minimal cost, is easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. However, this type of system can cause issues during times of heavy rains or other severe weather. What Can Happen to a Window Unit

Best Temperature for A/C

What’s the Best Temperature for My A/C to Be Set At?

We’ve all been there: raising and lowering the thermostat dial to try and stay comfortable during the dog days of summer. Yet, each time we lower our thermostat a degree, we raise the amount of money we’ll be paying on our electric bill. So how do you keep your energy bills down without compromising comfort?