Factors That Affect Energy Efficiency at Home

A high energy efficiency rating is one of the foremost concerns of every homeowner. It’s this factor that often determines the choices they make when purchasing home components, which includes electronics and appliances. Above all else, a properly maintained air conditioning system can help you achieve a high level of energy efficiency at home.

Energy Efficiency Factors

To help you reach this, here’s a look at the different factors that affect a home’s energy efficiency.

Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostats

Through the use of programmable thermostats, homeowners can save a good 10% on annual heating and cooling costs. While this may not seem like a significant number, every bit helps when you’re trying to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible at home.

Efficient Lighting

Whether you’re efficient in its use or not, a big portion of monthly energy consumption goes to your home’s lighting. While there are many variables in your energy usage ranging from window choices to home design, the aspect you can control is your choice of artificial lighting sources. By maximizing whatever natural light is available and switching to ENERGY STAR®-certified products, you can effectively increase energy efficiency.

Power Outlets

Not many homeowners are aware of this, but many appliances continually consume electricity even when not in use. The good news is you can stop these energy-consuming appliances dead in their tracks simply by using power strips to regulate their consumption when they are idle. In addition, you’ll need to maintain an active maintenance routine for all devices at home just as you do with your heating and cooling systems. Doing so can rack up the annual savings.

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