Why Pre-Summer HVAC Maintenance is Important

We all need our ACs in the summer more than ever. Regular maintenance is something that we should all be doing, not just so that it is summer ready, but just because it is what’s good for your system. Pre-summer HVAC maintenance will prevent us from making expensive repair and maintenance mistakes. As a benefit, your HVAC system will work more efficiently during the hot days of summer.

The importance of pre-summer HVAC maintenance

Dirty coils can lead to system failure

There could be debris and other types of obstructions from outdoor coils. The purpose of outdoor coils is used to transfer heat. It is through dirty outdoor coils that can make your AC get all worked up and end up tripping your breaker. These “minor” obstructions, may not be so minor after all. Dirt can actually make your system less efficient. What you can do is wash off all of debris in the coils using a garden hose. You can also use a refrigerator coil brush to clean the coils. You can do this from the outside of your unit. Just make sure to be careful and not bend the fins or destroy the coils in the process.

Filters keep your system running efficiently

Changing your air filter regularly can make a huge difference. These can get clogged with all sorts of dirt and debris. When this happens, your system will work harder than it should. This could be the source of your rising energy bills.

Your condenser may no longer be effective

It is important to note that condensed water has to flow to the drain. Do you know what clogged drains can do? They can make water overflow inside your house. You can find the drain on the air handler that is indoors. It would also be good to check if the line is not broken. This could be a possibility especially if your system went through a rough winter season.

Vents can become dirty and hinder performance and IAQ

This is just a simple thing that you can check for yourself. The vents and the air grills need to be free from any dirt or all sorts of debris. The pressure in your AC will increase if the vents are closed. Duct leaks could happen. Some parts could break if your AC works harder that it should. Just do a thorough visibility check and try to get the obvious debris out of the way.

Bottom line is, it may seem like a simple thing to do, but when it comes to your home’s comfort and finances, an ineffective HVAC system can be a costly repair. Contact the Palm Springs HVAC experts at J&M Air Conditioning & Heating for quality, lasting A/C repair and maintenance.

Get Your Home Ready for Summer with These Affordable DIY Home Improvement Tricks

Summertime is on its way, and that means more time spent outdoors and more time lounging around at home in the summer heat. Why not make both the interior and exterior of your home more enjoyable this upcoming summer season? Check out these home improvement projects that will get your home ready for the upcoming warm weather. We’ve compiled a list of several easy and affordable DIY home improvement ideas that will get your home summer ready, so you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Before the summer heat hits, take advantage of the (slightly) cooler temps and conquer a few of these easy home improvement projects. Put in the work today, and enjoy your refreshed home all season long.

Home Improvement Hacks for Summer


Get Your Home Summer Ready

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Dry Air And Your Home

Dry Air makes your nose bleed and your throat feel parched.

At J&M Air Conditioning and Heating, we strive to offer the best services for your home in regards to HVAC systems. From heating maintenance, repairs and installations, we offer every service needed for a comfortable home. One area of the home that is often overlooked when considering the heating unit is humidity. Humidity determines how moist or dry the air is. In the winter time, humidity can cause the air to become very dry which can lead to health issues, though home owners have no idea that they are being affected.

As the winter begins, the heating system will begin to operate to keep your home warm. The unit will remove the moisture in the air during the process of heating which can leave the air in the home feeling dry. Dry air can affect your skin, the home and heating bills. It is important to learn how to manage the humidity of the home to have proper indoor air quality as you are heating your space.

Understanding Dry Air and Your Home

Our technicians at J&M Air Conditioning and Heating can assist you with learning more about dry air and how it can affect the home. When the air is too dry in the home, you may find your skin becomes irritated. Eyes can begin to itch, the nose can become dry, even your mouth can begin to dry out. Sore throat symptoms can occur which can lead to coughing or an uncomfortable feeling. If you or someone you love have allergies or suffer from asthma, the dry air can result in a flare-up of these respiratory issues.

The home can also be affected. We find time and time again that home owners who have dry air will see wood in the home begin to shrink and even crack. Low humidity will affect items made from paper such as books, posters or photos. The heating system of the home can also be affected. Air that is able to capture moisture will hold more heat. This means you will feel warmer. When you have low humidity, the air will feel cooler which means you will end up turning the unit up to provide more heat when essentially you would not have to if the humidity levels were correct.

Adding in Humidity

We can help you learn how to add more humidity into the home. You want to have an energy efficient space that keeps you comfortable during the cold winter months. Humidity in the home should range from 35 to 50 percent. You can add a single room humidifier into the home to add moisture into the air for specific areas or you can install a whole home humidifier to control the humidity in the entire home.

Installing a whole home humidifier will allow you to set the humidity level in the entire home. Once winter is over, the humidifier will be drained and then shut down to operate again in the winter months year after year. Our technicians can provide you with the heating maintenance needed for your HVAC system as well as for the humidifier unit if you have one installed.

We recommend installing a whole home humidifier to allow you complete control of the indoor air quality in your home. When you have the proper humidity levels in the home, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable space without the issues that can arise concerning your health and well-being. Contact our office today to learn more about the many services can provide your home or to schedule an appointment to have the air quality of your home tested.

Consider A Split HVAC

If you’re considering adding an addition to your home or you already have, there’s one area you need to think about; heating and air conditioning that area. There are many options to use when you add on but one newer option that many like to go with is the split HVAC system. If you haven’t heard of this system yet, it’s time you do. Our team here at J&M Heating and Cooling can assist you in finding out the right split HVAC to fit your needs for your upcoming renovations.

Basically a split air conditioner has an external blower unit and a condenser that sits outside on the ground. You’ll find it is very similar to a standard unit but this one can do so much more. It can heat and cool the area of your home efficiently. Take a look at some instances where our team suggests you go with the split system instead of a traditional one.

Split Instead of Replace

Your current heating and cooling system may be efficient enough for the space you already have. If you’re not ready to swap out the whole system for your new and improved kitchen or added master suite, then you should think about the split system. Sometimes your old system may be able to handle the larger area and other times it can’t. When that happens, a split HVAC unit can heat and cool the one area you have efficiently without taxing your current system.

Follow AC Regulations

It’s important to know the regulations for air conditioners and energy efficiency before you start just adding in new duct work to cover your area. Most current systems have been covered or grandfathered in and when you update the system it has to be the newer energy models. If you consider just adding in more duct work for your home, that opens your home up to new inspection and can cause you to have to replace the entire unit at once. Your new system is subject to regulations and could cause you a multitude of problems if you decide to just add on. This is where our team can come in and help you pick the right split system unit if your current system is working properly to do the job.

Consider Split for New Area

Another benefit to the split system is that you can control it separately from your current unit. For example, if you like your master bedroom nice and cool, then you can keep it cooler than the rest of the home. You can also warm it up if need be. When you have a room that is added on and not in the current AC system, it can cause issues keeping it the the desired temperature. It could get too much AC or not enough during the summer. The room may stay too hot during the winter if it is right near the air handler. This balance is better kept by installing a split HVAC system in your home that is just for that area.

Our team here at J&M Heating and Cooling can offer you the top of the line split HVAC systems to help you with all your new additions in your home or office. Whether you’ve added on to your current home or your home is not heating and cooling evenly, this may be your solution. Talk with our highly trained technicians after the inspection on your home to see what they recommend. We will assist you in making an informed decision and have your home comfortable in no time.

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We’ve been providing reliable heating, air quality, and air conditioning services since 1967. Our focus is to provide utmost support to our customers.

To this end, we train and retrain our technicians, and make sure they have all the knowledge and experience needed. We’re constantly staying up with the latest technologies and it shows in our work.

Does Your UV Lamp Smell?

UV LampIndoor air quality is a huge problem for many homes without you even knowing. The problems can be caused by simple everyday things like pet dander, pollen, dust and even mold. The problems come in where your family is allergic to certain items and it can be quite uncomfortable. Keeping your indoor air quality safe and breathable can be done many ways and our technicians here at J & M Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to help you make it simple.

One way you can help with your IAQ is with a UV Lamp. These units help to clean the air coming into your home through the unit itself. Take a look at why many choose this as their cleaner of choice and what you can do to help prevent problems.

What Is an UV Lamp?

This product is installed in your HVAC system and helps to keep the air clean and free of items such as mold. It uses ultra-violet rays to purify the air coming into your home.

What Type Do I Need?

There are many products on the market and our technicians can assist you in making an informed decision on the product that fits your needs. They will come out and discuss your concerns with you and offer you a product that will help you with your home and your budget.

After installation you may have some concerns with the UV lamp. If this is the case, our technicians will come out to help you with the problem.

What if I have a Unit Already?

You may be sensing problems with your current UV lamp system. Our technicians can assist you with that as well. For example, some people have a problem with a smell coming in from the AC system while running their lamp. This can be due to a lot of different situations. One of those issues is improper installations.

When the UV Lamp is not installed as it should be, it can destroy items around the lamps such as the duct board. This can deteriorate over time due to the UV rays coming through the system itself. When this happens it can start to blow an unpleasant smell into the home while the AC is running.

If you’re noting a smell in the home, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call. This could be a sign of something going on in your system that can wreak havoc if not taken care of. As anything sensitive to UV light will deteriorate over time, any products in your HVAC system that are not protected will as well. This can be due to improper installation or other factors in the system that maybe you aren’t aware of. The smell coming through your home could be a sign that something significant is going on.

Call our offices at J & M Heating and Air Conditioning to see what is going on if you have the smell. Whether you need to install a UV Lamp or you have one already, our highly trained technicians can assist you in this area. These products are great for cleaning the air in your home if you are in need of an air purifying system. Protect your family from mold and other contaminants in the air. If you family has some symptoms of allergies or asthma, this is a great product to consider when you need to make sure you have the best air possible.

Don’t hesitate to give our office a call today about your UV lamp needs. We will come out and assist you in making informed decisions and help you find out what is going on with your current system.

Heating & Air Conditioning Service Experts Since 1967

We’ve been providing reliable heating, air quality, and air conditioning services since 1967. Our focus is to provide utmost support to our customers.

To this end, we train and retrain our technicians, and make sure they have all the knowledge and experience needed. We’re constantly staying up with the latest technologies and it shows in our work.

Tips For Excellent Air Quality On A Budget

Air QualityWhen it comes to the air quality in your home, you want the best there is. Contaminants can wreak havoc on your or your family’s breathing. This makes for an uncomfortable stay in your own home. There are several things you can do to improve your home air quality whether you’re on a budget or you have finances on your side. Take in these tips and you can also talk with our technicians at J & M Heating and Air Conditioning for more ideas on great indoor air quality.

1. Air Filters

Changing your air conditioning filters is a huge must for your home. This is your first line of defence and makes it easy to keep some of the potential hazards to your breathing at bay. Change them on a regular basis or clean them regularly if you have reusable filters.

2. No Smoking

Keep smoking out of your home. You can designate a place outside if you have smokers around but do not allow it in the home.

3. Clean Regularly

This may seem like a no-brainer but it is an important part of your home air quality. Regular dusting and vacuuming can keep the dust and dander down and at lower levels. Try using HEPA filters on your vacuum to help reduce even more dust and dander.

4. Humidity

Keeping the humidity levels in your home low is critical to keeping good air quality. The humid conditions are perfect for dust mites and mold. Using exhaust fans in the bathroom after showers can help to reduce the possibility for it to grow there. Make sure to try and keep humidity levels low with items such as a house dehumidifier for those humid summer months.

5. Air Circulation

The more air circulation you have the better. It’s a great idea to air out your home on days where the weather is nice and pollen counts are lower. This will help you get in some fresh air to circulate in the home.

6. Wash Blankets/Sheets

Be sure to wash your bedroom linens on a regular basis in hot water to help kill dust mites that may be there. You should do this on a weekly basis to help prevent problems.

7. No Pests Allowed

Make sure your home stays free of pests or rodents so that you’re not adding to the air quality problem. Proper pest control helps to eliminate roaches and other bugs that can cause havoc in your home.

8. Replace Water Damaged Items

If you have water damaged carpets or other items like these it is important that you take them out of the home quickly. This can cause mold to grow in the home and will severely affect some people who are sensitive to it.

9. Proper Venting

Make sure you appliances such as the stove or areas like the fireplace are properly vented. You do not want the toxic air that can be released from these units coming back into your home.

10. Clean Curtains

Make sure your curtains and window dressings are washed regularly just like your sheets. This helps to kill the dust mites that are growing there and helps you to make the air cleaner.

For more advice you can talk with our technicians to see about products such as air purifiers, HEPA filters and UV Lamps to keep your air clean as well. Keeping your indoor air quality at it’s finest is important to reducing asthma and allergy issues inside your home. Our technicians can help you find other ways to improve air quality and can make it a lot easier to breathe in your own home so you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Air Conditioning & Air Quality Experts Since 1967

We’ve been providing reliable heating, Air Conditioning, and air quality services since 1967. Our focus is to provide utmost support to our customers.

To this end, we train and retrain our technicians, and make sure they have all the knowledge and experience needed. We’re constantly staying up with the latest technologies and it shows in our work.

Increase Energy Efficiency: The Proactive Nature Of U.S Governors


Efficient energy use has its advantages. In the realization of these, United States’ governors have decided to aid the process by coming up with strategies to increase energy efficiency. In the Washington governors’ meeting, as reported by NGA (National Governors Association), the governors came up with improved energy efficiency rules, assessment of the energy sector, initiatives that support innovations and incentives to those who use energy more efficiently. These governors do not work alone, but engage regulators, legislators and other stakeholders to achieve this energy efficiency goal.

Impacts of increased energy efficiency

The governors’ move to advance energy efficiency was triggered by, among other factors, the ability to help consumers lower their energy costs as well as save governments money. Other expected advantages included the delayed need for a new power plant, reduced environmental degradation and increased reliability of the energy system. A trickling advantage of some of the energy actions that will increase energy efficiency would be a creation of job opportunities; from encouraged and supported news innovations.

Actions that will advance energy efficiency

Since the governors will not be working alone in their energy efficiency quest, one of the areas where they will partner with legislators will be in improving energy efficiency rules and standards. Other courses of action include supporting individuals, private entities and learning institutions to venture in energy efficient innovations, rewarding consumers who use energy efficiently through a variety of incentives, creating information technology efforts that sensitize businesses and consumers to use energy efficiently as well as conduct an energy analysis. All these actions will save the energy resources while helping the State and its energy consumers save money.

Energy assessment

For any project to succeed, it must have an initial planning as well as regular assessments; to follow up on progress. The governors sought to conduct a planning and assessment of the energy sector to identify energy consumption levels as one of the ways of conserving energy. Additionally, the planning would identify energy efficient practices and replicate them across the board as well as identify energy wasting practices so that they can be eliminated.


Incentives encourage consumers to use energy efficiently. At the same time, incentives to innovators would encourage more and faster energy efficient innovations. The governors chose to incentivize energy saving practices as well as encourage a move towards the use of energy efficient equipment. Private and other energy related institutions would receive funding to venture into energy efficient innovations.


Efficient energy use, at a consumer, industrial and or commercial level, not only saves the involved parties money, but also contributes to the national energy saving. An NGA report revealed that the U.S governors make a large contribution to increase energy efficiency in their jurisdictions; through improved energy rules, incentivized efficient consumption of energy, encouraged innovations and strategic planning. To advance energy efficiency, the governors partner with other stakeholders.

How Important is Consistent Training with AC Contractors?

When it comes to paying for a service, you need to make sure that the person you are hiring is properly qualified. This is particularly important to people who want to ensure that their air conditioning unit lasts throughout the summer. A knowledgeable contractor will be able to pinpoint any problems with the system and get them fixed as soon as possible. It is also important to have someone who is aware of the latest improvements when it comes to air conditioning units and other forms of HVAC. Overall, you want to ensure that your contractor is competent and in-the-know about the latest developments that can save you money and time.

HVAC Training in the United States

In the United States there are many places where you will be able to receive HVAC training. If you are interested in attending one of these, then you will need to go for a school that is properly accredited. In many US states it is also necessary for a contractor to get a license before they can start working on HVAC systems. HVAC training itself can last for up to two years depending on where you go and what program you decide to enroll in.

Consistent Training

These days there really is no end to learning. Companies are continually coming out with new and improved models for various different systems, especially air conditioners. This is due to concern for both the environment and the fact that many people want to save money on their electricity bills. As an HVAC contractor, you need to ensure that you are up to date with all of the new developments. This will mean taking a look at HVAC blogs and studying the new systems that are coming out. There are also many schools that will offer add-on courses to qualified AC contractors.

Why Consistent Training is Important to Contractors

Consistent training is important for contractors because it makes the job easier. This means that you will not be surprised if you happen to find a system that is unfamiliar. By keeping abreast of all of the fast changes that take place, you will be able to enjoy a greater level of knowledge and therefore provide a better service to your clients. Better service is going to increase your reputation and therefore ensure that you get all the work you need.

How Consistent Training Helps Clients

Clients want to know that the person they are hiring will be able to get the job done as soon as possible. Some people can be quite impatient, so having a contractor who is knowledgeable about their system is going to be a great help. People are going to have busy lives and therefore will want someone who can get down to business quickly.

Consistent training is something that is required for many jobs these days. By ensuring that you keep your knowledge topped up, you will be able to provide the best service for everyone. You will then be able to improve your own reputation.

How Ventilators are Useful in a Home

How Ventilators are Useful in a Home

Few things influence the health and well-being of a family like the air they breathe. It is easily taken for granted that air is clean and free of impurities that can harbor disease, but most people do not give the air inside their home a second thought. House wide ventilation can be useful for removing harmful fumes, unpleasant odors, and stale room air while creating better moisture control and healthier, more oxygenated air.

Allowing more fresh air into a room is the main objective behind most ventilation systems. It is natural for anyone to crave fresh air inside their home, and a quality ventilation system can provide this. Fresh air keeps rooms feeling clean and comfortable anytime, day or night.

There are many instances where it may be necessary to store chemicals or paints in the home. These items give off strong noxious odors that can be unpleasant or even harmful for anyone sharing the room with them. A ventilation system can safely transport the fumes away and in exchange bring in fresh outside air.

Some homes are constructed without proper range hood ventilation or without any range ventilation at all. Adequate kitchen ventilation is essential for keeping smoke from food preparation and strong food odors from wafting through the home. If a range hood was not included when the kitchen was originally designed, it may not be possible to install one after the fact. A home ventilator can alleviate this issue by safely removing kitchen exhaust and expelling it outside.

A very useful and money saving effect of a home ventilator is the control of household humidity. The humidity in a home affects the ambient temperature inside, just as the humidity outside affects the outside temperature. Controlling the humidity can help lower heating and cooling costs as well as make the atmosphere of the home more enjoyable during any season.

An important calculation that comes up when discussing a home ventilator is the air change rate or the ACH, or air changes per hour. This is essentially a number that indicates how many times all of the air in a room should be exchanged with fresh air in an hour.  Most rooms have an ACH of around 2, but if the actual exchange rate of a room falls below 0.5, a home ventilator should be installed to improve the health and comfort of the home.

The installation of a home ventilator can help keep residents and guests comfortable regardless of the weather outside or the odors inside.  It is a good investment for health, safety, and peace of mind.